Перевод песни Holly Near – Because of a Song

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You may laugh and I may be wrong
But I believe when we sing our spirits grow stronger
In art we learn things that cannot be taught
Releasing emotions that have been caught inside for years and years
Alone in my room, in my sense of self
I am remembering books on the shelf
Writers who had me catching my breath
Ideas that linked me to life and to death
Saving my soul, and saving my sanity
Holding my hand, and calming my vanity
Lifting my spirits, and easing my pride
Holding the truth when somebody lied
Then one day I made up a song
The words poured out as I went along
I sang what my mind could not see
I was singing in a new me Because of a song I made my way
Through the world not equal or fair
Choices to make that called on my soul
To decide if I wanted to care
Without a drum and a song I would not know you
There would be no healing by the fire
The messenger would die of loneliness
With no reason to inspire
We'd go flat like a world without knowledge
There would be no dancing in the moonlight
The singers would die of loneliness
Somewhere in the night