Перевод песни Holly Near – Seemed Like a Good Idea

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Take yourself back to day one of the automobile
Sit yourself down on that seat and behind that wheel
Driving your horseless carriage, can't you feel the pride and power?
Racing along your rutted road at about three miles an hour
No more walking 6 miles to school, it was a sign of the times
Cruisin' along in summer showers, feeling fine
Your arm around your favorite gal, you feel a godlike kind of power
And nothing seals the deal like going 20 miles an hour
Seemed like a good idea
It must have seemed like a good idea at the time
Won't be long before you're thinking of selling the horse and the mule
Ditching the cart and hitching your future to fossil fuel
You can do things and go places you couldn't do or go before
So it's worth the dust and smell and smoke and the deafening engine's roar
Six billion people on the planet having sex for love or hate
But no matter how you do the math, they continue to procreate
Tin box on wheels, lots of gasoline to devour
Speeding along on expensive roads at 80 miles an hour
Parked by the sea, couples kissing — the oil spill on the shore
Having one last fling before they ship off to another bloody war
And it must have seemed like a good idea!
Are you a road warrior or a road survivor?
Am I just along for the ride or am I the driver?
I've been thinking lately about the way that we all get around
The automobile gave us a lift but it might just bring us down
It seemed like a good idea
It must have seemed like a good idea at the time
The drivers all are amateurs but certainly not distracted
The drivers are all amateurs but certainly not distracted by A high jolt soda and I just got fired
The dogs are sick and the kids are tired
Late for work, I'm mad as hell
You broke up with me on the cell
My doctor says I'm gonna die
I'm so strung out I need to get high
I'm losing my mind — I'll have one drink and that will help me think
I forgot the milk, well the store isn't far
Let's all get in the car!
Seemed like a good idea
You know it seemed like a good idea at the time