Перевод песни King Lil G – Gun Smoke

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Dear God Forgive Me For My Sins
Death Keeps Calling Me
Save My Soul From Eternal Fire
Death Keeps Calling Me
Dedicated To The Young Homies
In The Alley
Striking Up The Hood
It's A Tiny Devil Family
My Memories Is Taking Me Back
All Of This Gang Activity
Shit Is Making Me Rap
About My Brother Psycho
Earnin' Some Stripes
Caught An Enemy Slippin'
The Judge Gave Em A Strike
32 Years
Tell Me What Do You Fear?
Another Homie On The Cell Block
With Tattoo Tears
You Think Its Music On Your iPod
Its A True Story
Of Candle Lids On The Sidewalk
Another Life Gone
Time Lost
What's The Right Cause?
Speaking Reality
Til My Mic Gone (Yeah)
If You Understand Religion
Then You Understand The Streets
And The Reasons We Bust Missions
Its Somethin' We Believe In
Its Kinda Like When Mexico
Was Invaded By Europeans
All We Want To Do Is Conquer
Not Knowing The Repercussions
The Government's The Power
How Can We Take Back
What's Ours?
We Killing Each Other
Drugs Turning Into Gun Powder
Only God Could Save Us
Only God Could Save Us
In The Cloud Of Gun Smoke
Only God Could Save Us
Nothing Else Could Change
In The Cloud Of Gun Smoke
I Pray The Lord
My Soul To Keep
If I Should Die
Like A Gangsta
I Pray The Lord
My Soul To Keep
If I Should Die
Like A Gangsta
Its Impossible
Trying To Create A Unity
We Dumb As Fuck
We Fucking Up Our Community
But When I Die
You Gon' Remember My Words
And Realize
Prosperity Is What We Deserve
Its Kinda Hard For Me
Lookin At All These Single Moms
Baby Daddy's In Jail
She's Working 2 Jobs
While You Sittin In A Jail Cell
Writing Mail
Hoping Your Family's Doing Well
We Gotta Break The Cycle
We Fucking Up The Youth
We Teach Em To Kill The Rivals
We All A Bunch Of Hypocrites
The Real World
Looks At Us
A Bunch Of Ignorants
But We Gang Related
Juveniles Catching A Case
Instead Of Graduating
I'm Just A Gangsta Like You
What The Fuck Do I Know, Right?
We Blinded By The Truth