Перевод песни King Lil G – Talk about Me

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My Enemies Panic
Once They See That I'm Back
They Hate The Way That Bitches Love Me But They Love How I rap
I'm Trying To Tell Them Boys
Homie There's No Reason For That
Your Girlfriend Tried To Kiss Me But I'm Pushing Her Back
She Couldn't Get No Love From Me That's Why She Kicks It With Fatz
I Guess It Is My Fault
That She Got Tramp Stamped
Lil G The Royal King
Of That Gangsta Shit
My Girlfriend Looks Better
Than Famous Chicks
You Get Love From Your City
I'm Getting Love From The Coast
I'm Getting Love From The Drug Dealers
That Selling The Most
Went From Selling An Ounce
To Getting Pounds From The Boat
Now He's Bumping My Songs
In Cars With Suicide Doors
He Relates To What I Say
About Money & Hoes
I'm Rapping bout My Life
Homie Tell Me What's Yours?
Rappers Try To Diss
And I Don't Diss Them Back
I Tell 'Em Simple & Plain
Homie You Are No Match
I'm A Tell 'em Why
They Could Talk About Me Jealousy They Feel
Cause I'm Getting This Cream
I Stay Countin' Money
With My Homeboy «D»
Homie We The Ones
That They Talk About
In Your City — In Your Hood
It's What They Talk About
Your Hoes & Your Bitches
Always Talk About
The «S» Boy Clicks
Is What They Talk About
Popping Bottles In The Clubs
Is What They Talk About
Phone Fucking For Hours
With This Girl That I Met
She Says She's Feeling The Tattoos
I Got On My Neck
Got Her Falling In Love
She's Even Breaking Some Bread
Got Her Doing Whatever
She's Even Bringing Her Friend
2 O'clock In The Morning
Got 'em Rolling On X One Thing To The Next
Got 'em Naked In Bed
Tongue Kissing With One Of 'em
While I'm Gettin Some Head
Gettin, Gettin Some Head
Gettin, Gettin Some Head
Took 'em Out To My Next Show
I Got Me Some Fresh Clothes
That's When I Seen
Kat, Beto, Big Downer & Negro
They Giving Me Props
Cause That's The Enemies Ex-Girl
And I Don't Say Nothing
She Does Say I'm The Best Though
Talking In Spanish
Telling Me, «Daddy Te Quiero»
Fuck A Bitch Right
She'll Do Whatever You Say So Buying My Nike's
Buying My White Tees
Sprung Like A Muthafucker
Damn You Was Right, «D»
I'm Like A Star Homie
I Handle Broads Homie
They Come To See Me & Uhh
They Do It All For Me Doing Some Freak Shit
She Goes All Out
Kissing My Stomach
Then She Was Sucking My Soul Out
This Rap Shit Is Way Too Easy
Give Me A Thousand
And You Could Call If You Need Me Remember Me & Go Get My Album
So I Could Show You Where These Boys
Get They Styles From
They Wanna Be, They Try To Be But Never Will
Your Music Is Okay
I Got Better Skills
I Got Bigger Wheels
I Get Better Deals
I'm Fucking Bitches
That Never Take Off They High Heels
I Make 'em Bounce Like A Lowrider
The Way A Maniaco Should With Lowiders
They Probably Right
When They Run They Mouth
Another Song — Another Hit
At The Hennessy Lounge