Перевод песни Centurian – Damnatio memoriae

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I stand
Where no man can reach me In league with eternity
I am forever
I stand
Where no man can judge me For I am god
Until eternity ends
Lex maiestatis
Thou hasth betrayed me Thou hast failed
To worship the emperor
I stand
Erected as a phallus
Thrusting in the womb of antiquity
I have overcome damnation
Thou hasth murdered my flesh
Thou hasth asked to desecrate my dead body
And condemn my memory
That I shall be completely and totally forgotten
Thou hasth tried to scatter all of my images
My statues defaced
Thou hasth tried to remove my name
From the scriptures
That I may be erased
Thy ignorance shall be awareness
I shall be ever present in the minds of thy children
And in the minds of thy offspring
And generations to come
My reign is never ending
Remembered and hailed as the third emperor
Thou shallt dread me Even in death