Перевод песни Centurian – Crown of Bones

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Layer by layer
I shake the ground
Layer by layer
I shake the deceased
Into the city of coffins
The eyes of a thousand Christ
Stare in silence
How I reveal in the ashes of man
I follow the call
That echoes from the grave
Bone to bone
I bring together what has been buried
Smell the dead!
The priceless essence of human bones
Inhale the dead!
Touch the thick scent of the afterlife
A hundred floors down
Slip through the legacy of dust
In the sands of time
None who turns his back on death can be alive
From coffin to coffin I descend
Visions channeled through empty sockets
At the sign of death
I claim my crown of bones
Through the rattle of fleshless bones
I hear the dead speak!
«What we are you will be What you are we once were»
Shineth through me!