Перевод песни Steve Hackett – Darktown

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Take a trip take a ride
Through Darktown don't be shy
Gather by the clocktower take your seats
Glad you're here it's for keeps
Festering wounds from years gone by Toxic waste you buried inside
In Darktown
Take a turn step on down
Through an alleyway you'll find
By the backstreet trash resides
The underworld you tried to hide
And from a dark corner where walls loom high
You'll hear the sound of a small child's cry
In Darktown
Legions of hate schools of fear
Proudly accomplished their mission here
A hidden agenda behind the eyes
For the gifted ones they most despised
They couldn't do it in the X-rated world
But presided over the boys and girls
In Darktown
It's all on camera it's all on film
On the couch in the shower
The stains are there still
Drink to the ones who dished out the marks
Rabid animals right from the start
It's happy hour shut the beasts away
Come along children it's time to play
In Darktown