Перевод песни Swingin Utters – Librarians Are Hiding Something

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She said nice guys finish last are ones with a defect
And skin-tight has always been incorrect
She reads books under illegal table legs
It don't look good until he gets down and begs
We'll be watching until she detects us That's our cue to move out of Texas
The beat up truck won't even start
It all makes sense 'cause it's missing a part
When she shoot shoot shoot shoot shoots
And I drip drip drip drip drip
And then I drop
The librarians are hiding something
She said you're never alone with a schizo
Picked up the phone said is it not so She's here to stay I'm here for a visit
The other line will know who the fuck is this?
Just then I make out the sign
And the small print on her book's spine
One says we'll never never close
The other belongs to Edgar Allen Poe's
Oh the librarians contrarians can't fly on a wing
Oh the librarians barbarians are liking nothing
Which leads me to believe one thing
The librarians are hiding something