Перевод песни Game – Cold Blood

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I was gonna buy a convertible, thought about JFK getting
So I ain't cop that shit, cause I ain't wanna be riding through the hood and get
Riding through Compton in the Aston thinking bout my nigga 4cent getting
What if that was me? Nigga probably bet a G I wouldn't be live to see 30 i'd get
Nigga getting money, hating niggas tryina' flex, wanna do you like Malcolm X
Do you like Martin Luther King, in Memphis were he got
And N.Y.P.D. Y'all can go to hell for killing that boy Sean Bell
Killing that nigga Pac, killing that boy B.I., two of the greatest rappers just
Could have been me, could have been that nigga Fifty, don't beef with the 60
you get
Ask the nigga Nipsey, know he got some dead homies, and I got some dead homies
that got
So you got a red a rag, watch where you hang it fake ass gang bangers get
Heard you got a blue rag, watch where you put it the wrong pocket catch a bullet
The news never talk about the killers in the hood, I guess they don't give a
fuck if you get
Last night a stray bullet hit a niggy in his head, on the way to feed his kids
he was
«This business is never personal», that is what a nigga said, for the right
fucking price you get
Sniff a whole bag of angel dust, walked upon that teacher pull a pistol out «Blam!» she got
Niggas out in Northern California bout to burn the city down for Oscar Grant,
he got
Real shit, they try to tear you down when you alive, and call you legendary
once you get
I bet my niggas ride on everything, everybody getting it, included kids
Yellow tape at the wake, lord forget my evil ways damn, preacher found slain,
he was