Перевод песни Revolting Cocks – Crackin Up

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God created both of us And really wanted life right
You've been lookin' for a life
But you got to get high
You can't help but steal from your family and friends
Our flames grow ignorant
And a means to an end
(End, end, end, end)
Crackin' up! x3
You rushed right through me You must destroy yourself to get old
I've got to get one of these trees
Right back to me Well, it must be the chemistry
The sexual pace of the human race
With dynamite guns and loaded runs
Look at me, I'm high on life
Crackin up!
Crackin up!
Crackin up!
Well I warned you once, and I warned you twice and the next time
I tell you I ain't gonna be so nice!
You better listen up and you better listen close.
Cuz the world is crackin up just like a broken piece of wood
You got your rats in the desert on an empty piece of sand
Gonna blow each other up for what's under the sand
So you grab a little pipe and it'll take it all away, but the
world's still crackin and ain't nothin gonna change!
Crackin up! (x4)
Crackin up! (fading)