Перевод песни The Kingston Trio – Speckled Roan

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I used to ride a little old speckled roan. I told him lots of things I wouldn't
have told at home.
I said to the speckled roan, said I, «I'm so lonesome I could die,
but I ain't gonna stay lonesome very long.»
I used to ride a little ole yellow dun. Mending fences, rode him in the rain
and sun.
I said to the yellow dun, said I, «I'm gonna be rich or know the reason why.
Gonna take my money to town and find the fun.»
And then I bought me a big old ropin'gray. Roped for money and I made it ev'ry
But I said to the ropin'gray, said I, «I sure do miss that prairie sky,»
and he let out laughin'and he surely knowed the way.
I brought my money home and I brought it home to stay. Couldn't have stayed in town, not another day.
I'm gonna live out under a prairie sky. Gonna live out there 'till the day I die with the roan and the dun and the big old ropin'gray.