Перевод песни The Kingston Trio – Early in the Mornin'

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I remember Grandpa telling me that I was born as the sun was comin'up early in the morn.
Told me I was born early in the morn.
When you lift your eyes and see the sun a-risin'on the far horizon early in the
It was early in the day when I set out to roam. Went to seek my fortune far
away from home.
I set out to roam far away from home.
But today when I awoke I missed my darlin'so. Gotta have her by my side forever
more I know.
Need my darlin'so. Evermore I know.
So tomorrow I'll be leavin'at the break of day. Gonna hurry to my love and
there I'll always stay.
At the break of day. There I'll always stay.