Перевод песни Mitch Ryder – My Heart Belongs To Me

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My heart is a muscle
It#s not a toy
For you to play with
or to destroy
an you can't break it
if you try
It#s gonna keep on beating
until I die
It's gonne beating until I die
My heart belongs to me
My heart is a muscle
it's not so weak
that you can claim it
when you speak
You can't make me lose it
with your sexy eyes
or cause misery when I catch you lie
I know I'm gonna keep it
till the day I die
My heart belongs to me
There's only one muscle for the love you need
it can satisfy you it can make you bleed
so if you're getting lonely and you wanted a little lovin'
Take this muscle special built for pushing
My heart is a muscle
hard as a rock
you can't steal it from me
or pick it like a rock
but if you wanna give your heart away
and be my woman each and everyday
Just remember what I'm trying to say
My heart belongs to me