Перевод песни Mitch Ryder – Bang Bang

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Here come the soldiers with weapons of war
Dragging their flags just to even the score
across the planet these little man kill
It must be a sickness or a retarded thrill
They go bang bang you're dead
now we have war
God piss on these fools
and rust all their guns
Bring down the rains put these creeps in a flood
Those little toy tanks cannot move in the mud
Give them all cancer repeat your first rule
This is no time God for you to act cool
They go bang bang Someone I love is dead
God kick their ass good and send them to bed
All Gods children need money
wars are fought for need
all Gods children need some help
wars are fought for greed
Here comes the soldier whose into the lead
Cut him down first and the others will leave
Hang me for treason my reason
is right
I don't want to die I've got plans for tonight