Перевод песни Field Mob – Sorry Baby

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Shawn j’s in the house tonight
Shawn j’s in the house tonight. FLEETWOOD!
Chevy p’s in the house tonight
Chevy p’s in the house tonight. DARK BROOKS
The Field Mob’s in the house tonight
The Field Mob’s in the house tonight. This is the F.B.I
We got another one, act your age not your shoe size baby
Pinky ring, no wedding band
I’m not afraid to say i get around, its just im much too young to settle down,
i got places to go, people to see, and things to do, i can’t be tied down with
you… I’m sorry baby!
She say that she love me, want me to be her husband, wanna tie my down, tryna ??
and cuff me, but i can’t let her,'cause i got jet to catch but i told her i’d
be back like