Перевод песни Franky Rizardo – The End

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There was a time when i thought i couldn't live without you
You were my truth in those days, you were the only one i knew,
You were my heart and my soul, I gave my heart to you,
You had been weak in my mind, I knew that was true!
Do you still feel the same when i call,
Do you give a damn if i fall,
Do you still believe in our world, Still believe in our love?
It's so easy to play, so easy to say, I wish i knew how to pretend.
So now leave me again,
Will we be best friends,
Gotta feelin' that this is the end!
Now this is the end!
Say it: It ain't over!
Come on and say it:
It ain't over!
Tell me it ain't over.
This can't be the end, I remember what we say, I know it can make,
I know it can say.
Baby this can't be the end, don't tell me it's the end, our love is...