Перевод песни Wendy Waldman – Vauderville Man

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Papa used to tell me as a little child
The only reason we're here is to make 'em smile
Your heart may break and your world may fall
But when you stand up there you stand ten feet tall
So following in my father's shoes
I learned to sing and dance and to play the blues
I'll tell you now if you don't understand
That I'm the livin' daughter of a Vaudeville man
The trains ran east and the roads ran west
And I knew every one of them
My face was dirty but my ribbons were pressed
They were crazy days but to have them back again
One hand glued to the radio
One hand practicing the piano
One foot tapping out the dancing tune
One sole trying just to make a dime
And it's hand to mouth and it's mouth to hand
Say I'm the living daugher of a Vaudeville man
Say I'm the living daugher of a Vaudeville man