Перевод песни Pissed Jeans – Cafeteria Food

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Hey there project manager i see you eating cafeteria food
So you wanna call that a healthy choice
Well i'd argue that isn't true
Stick figure family on the back of your car
You know i find that to be rude
Walking around like you own the place
Must think you're some kinda dude
One day i'll get a message, waiting at my desk
I'll take the time to open it and feel it remove my stress
People walking 'round looking sorry, someone'll even cry
I'll be feeling rosy, 'cause you're dead — you died
And i'm feeling like i'm not the father
Dead — you died — and i'm feeling like i won the super bowl
Hey there big time broker yeah
I saw you betting on the fantasy pool
Always seem to have some wise remark, yeah
Even when you're being cruel
Think you got it all figured out
Except where to send your kids to school
Go ahead, you can use the microwave
It's an excellent kitchen tool
One day i'll get an email flashing on my screen
I'll go ahead and open it and enter in my dream
Thought i heard some sobbing —
They're really gonna miss that guy
Inside i'll be laughing, 'cause you're dead — you died
And i'm wishing i had my tap shoes on Dead — you died — and i'm feeling like
Jesus christ our savior