Перевод песни Nataly Dawn – Araceli

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Araceli was the fairest of them all
She was born in the month of Gemini
To every man who saw her befell Cupid's curse
Singing oh my oh my oh my
Araceli only had eyes for one
And she lived for her love day and night
One day he became ill so she called on the doctor
Singing oh my oh my oh my
When Araceli's perfect face he beheld
Well the doctor was stricken with awe
He prayed to the gods that her husband might die
And upon Mount Olympus they conspired
When Araceli discovered the truth
That her beauty had damned her true love's life
She jumped into the Ladon River
To absolve her treacherous crime
When she arrived at Hades' door
The god of thunder was waiting
Zeus said, «You're the one I've been longing for.»
And she said, «You're the one I've been hating.»
Araceli shouted, «I've had enough!
Never once, no not once have I defied you
I've lived as you command. Now I'm taking Hades' hand
Singing oh goodbye, goodbye.»