Перевод песни The Missing Season – Could It Be

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Rain has stopped falling, streets are pushing water.
Lights are expanding channeled by the washed out gutters.
And it feels like I just got born,
As lights lose their contrast at dawn
I traveled in the dark, identity pieces dropping
behind a fake smile, I stayed still in hiding
Could it be the real me ahead of me?
As life unfurls, choices lay before you
the fear of death and loneliness troubles you
and it's getting harder as you go
to stay faithful to what you know
I thought I did good, I listened to what I've been told
They told me you should just stick on the main road
Could it be the real me ahead of me?
I won't ever go back on this crowded track erasing my favorite self.
How real the embrace! How bright is your face as meet back in grace.