Перевод песни Teena Marie – Carte Blanche

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You can take possession of my body
I'll give you the full authority
Call me on my unrestricted number if you like
If you want some company
I'm gon leave it up to your discretion
'Cause it seems I've finally found my time
And if you wanna play with my affection
Then call me on my private line
Carte blanche, baby
And this story you write
I'm gonna sign for you baby
You've got carte blanche, baby
You're really bossy I know
But I love when you take control
There's someone here who wants to handle something
Giving you complete autonomy
It seems a crime to forget all we once were
I'm gon let you handle me
I'm giving you the blank card, it's the black card
Like the jokers, highest guaranteed
And if I let you kiss me it's all over
The kiss would give me much more potency
Ask me what you want
And I'll give you the world on a silver platter baby
Here I stand holding a heart so true
And if that doesn't do
Baby, then I'll try something new
What you wanna do?
Handle your business baby
I'm gonna let you handle me
I'm gonna let you dive beneath the hour baby
I'm giving you the power over everything
So nice with it baby
I'm gonna let you handle me
Got my signature baby
You'll be rest assure
You got the kill baby
Sign my name on the dotted line
And it's right on time
You're so fine