Перевод песни Dimmi Argus – Wish I Could

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Will it happen or will it pass away,
will it disappear or will it remain.
Will it stay alive in me,
now and forever as it's meant to be.
When it is over, when it's begun
Staying awake or sleeping, difference is none.
I don't want to remember, I can't figure out
Why I was born, and why did I die?
You shouldn't stay in me, you shouldn't stay with me.
You just remain with me, but not the one who you are now
I will wait for you, I will long for you,
I'm still in love with you, but not the one who you are now.
Years will pass by, people will pass by,
I know, so many things will cross our lifes.
We'll get back as kids, and we'll grow up again,
And sometimes we'll cry, but who cares now.
I know we'll be happy, and also unhappy,
We'll never be certain which one will prevail
Looking for comfort looking for passion
Dealing our hearts as a pair of dice.
I've been lost in you, you've been lost with me,
I've lost the whole of you, but not this one who you are now.
Time is not around, death is still apart.
I wish I could create you back, but not the one who you are