Перевод песни Will Downing – Just Think About It

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Pretty Lady
I know you think the grass is greener over on the other side
But I’m here to tell you
That nothing and no one in this world’s love can compare to mine. oh no
Baby you can do what you like
But before I let you go
Let me put this on your mind
Think about it long and hard
Before you do anything to hurt me and do me wrong
Think about it long and hard
Before you do what you do when you do whatcha doing to me
Just think about it
Think about the times weâ??ve shared
Think about the one who cares
I’m the one who’s always been around to satisfy you
Can we give this one more try
I promise you that I
Will be the man that you once knew
The man you fell in love with
Do what you like
But before you walk out that door
Let me put this on your mind
Why throw away what we have
Weâ??ve been together for so long baby
May not be perfect love
But I know that we can
Make this thing work out
(Just Think) Think about it baby, think about it baby