Перевод песни Jonas Brothers – Poison Ivy

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I just got back from the doctor
He told me that I had a problem
But I realized it's you
I tried to scratch away the issue
All I ever get is tissues
So I can wipe away my tears, yeah
Everyone's allergic to Poison Ivy
Everyone's allergic to Poison Ivy
Everybody gets the itch
Everybody hates that
Everyone's allergic to Poison Ivy
Now I found out you were lying
When you told me you were trying
Just to medicate the rash
Tangled vines they are deceiving
From the lines that now are leading
To the truth I need to hear
Yeah, I break out and I start to shake
When I hear your name, I can't walk away
I just can't do it
I can't stop even if I try
Lay down my pride, I can't walk way
I get burned and I have to learn
That the court's adjourned, can't walk away
Tied up in my tangled thoughts
I'm trying, just can't walk way
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
Give me some poison baby!