Перевод песни The Supremes – Love Is In Our Hearts

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We’re happy holding hands
Ooo, to us love’s been grand
Walking down the path of love
While heaven smiles from up above
Cause love is in our hearts.
We stroll through the park
A kiss stolen in the dark
I’m the girl that feels supreme
For he might do most anything
Cause love is in our hearts.
When he looks into my eyes
I feel so good inside
And when he reaches out for me It’s the fourth of July
I’m so happy I could cry.
The moon’s not up tonight
Our love lights up the sky
If shadows dark our day
We’ll use our love to light our way
Cause love is in our hearts.
Oh, the birds in the trees
Sing lovely melodies
Sing about the love that’s strong
A love affair that can’t go wrong
Cause love is in our hearts.
Soft music fills the air
We haven’t got a care
Our life’s filled with joy
Happy is this girl and boy, oh Cause love is in our hearts.
Love is in our hearts
Sweet love is in our hearts
Sweet love, sweet, sweet,
Sweet love is in our hearts
Love is in our hearts, oh Love is in our hearts
Sweet love is in our hearts.