Перевод песни Wasis Diop – Everything (... Is Never Quite Enough)

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Moments take so very long: who has time to fear?
Trust to set no precedent; why should it be accompli?
Giving you a little less is taking what I need.
Everything is never quite enough.
Let machinery fake my face: who has time to chase?
Digital is where it is; love can always be replaced.
Welcome to my consciousness — welcome to our race.
Everything is never quite enough.
Can't see my face: what are you thinking?
Fill in the space, please — oh let me hear you
Sterilize behind these gates, locked behind the green.
Even if I had you here — what we had was never clear
No more words to say to you; no more thoughts appear
Love was taking way too long: who had breath to waste?
Tired of disappointing you; bored with everything I do.
Every day there's less of you. Me, I've been erased.