Перевод песни Uriah Heep – On The Rebound

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On the rebound, on the rebound
That’s how you fell for me That’s how you changed my life
You cut me like a knife
On the rebound, on the rebound
You came, you saw, you took
It only took one look
And lady, I was hooked
On the rebound — it’s a replay …
Your love was on the rebound
On the rebound
You came and took my soul
You came and left a hole
Where your love used to be On the rebound, on the rebound
You like to drown in your tears
And after all these years
You give your pain to me On the rebound — you came to me, babe
On the rebound — to set you free
On the rebound — too bad for me Your love was on the rebound
You came to me To set you free
To pray for me It’s a replay
You came to repay