Перевод песни Michael McDonald – World Out Of A Dream

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I saw us walking to the river
And I was wondering what it means
It looked like people had come together
As if we all believed in the same thing
Can you feel it It feels like mercy
Hear that music
It sounds like grace
Let it be in my nature
To look at my brother
And see my father's face
I want to be in the sririt
I want to be there when we cross that stream
As a people we're gonna get there
We'll find a way
To make a world out of a dream
See that fire
Burn in the distance
Looks like redemption on its way
I heard a million voices
That sounded like angels
Here's what I thought I heard them say
Oh children don't grow weary
'cause we have nothing to fear
With god on our side, as we move forward
I know everything is gonna be alright