Перевод песни Rare Earth – The Seed

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Yeah well a seed is in bloom
Will it meet an early doom, or survive in a tranquil scene?
Does it face an evil land?
Will it find a real friend?
Should it be called humanity?
Could they? us to unite?
Could wrong be part of right?
Would they plan in harmony?
New creation of man, bring death by his hand
Or will life be his destiny?
Oh, where do we go from here?
Tell me where do we go from here?
Will he overcome the fear
Of seeing and being
Where will he go from here?
(guitar solo)
When the day’s lived its course
Will you feel no remorse?
For the creation of a nation that overran its course?
A seed is in bloom
Will it meet its early doom?
Or survive in a tranquil
Tell me, where will it go?
Yeah, where’s it gonna go from here?
Tell me tell me where’s it gonna go?
I got to know where will it go from here?