Перевод песни The Knux – Bang! Bang!

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Taking it back to '94, when niggas was killing to find they’re soul
Crack done hit and fucked it up, and baby gangsters was full of that cluck
Pluck the feathers up off the duck, you stuck like chuck if carried the banter
Pistol play, then knuckle up, then ratta-ta-ta-ta the children’ll scatter
Everyone knows don’t fuck with them hoes, tweaking with Keisha from out the yo
Full of that dilly, popping silly when niggas first heard the chopper city
And I was a dancing b-boy who resorted to slinging them e-boys
And jacking them cars, macking them broads, sadistic shit, then flipped the
I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, but momma raised me for greatness
But we broke as fuck and hope is stuck and New Orleans defines the cage its
The animal house and getting out’s like taking food from an animals mouth
Roar roar like a dungeon dragon, taking it back to the cannibals route
When the gun goes bang bang bang, who’s gonna know who’s the one?
No, nobody knows
I’m from a place you couldn’t imagine, beautiful women some Creole with ass
Them niggas are hazards, we bitching they crabbing, and changing lanes like
Benjamin Affleck
They 10 to 12 and thinking it’s cool, something awful when they ain’t in the
Don’t get 'em bent, fuck that innocence, cause in a sense they feel misused
Where they mommas at, where they mommas at? Nobody knows, nobody cares
To claim your hard, come go through the wards, come fuck with them,
oh nobody dares
Your jive yes, ya ho-jocker, put that pop on you like Reddenbacher
The things they say, the slang they use, get you confused while they banging
the tools
When the gun goes bang bang bang, who’s gonna know who’s the one?
No, nobody knows
Even when it’s cold outside 'round here. It’s a 100 degrees, I keep the heat
around here
It’s when you least expect it, people creep up from the rear
It’s racking my brain can I contain my fear?