Перевод песни Reverend Bizarre – The Gate of Nanna

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The dream descends to the region of moon
To the land, the sphere of eternal sin
A half light, dark the realm of Nanna
The realm of spirits and the father of the gods
Oh, shine of moon, of the astral gods
It ravishes, it calls us to sin…
Lord Nanna, of the race of Anu
Lord Nanna, called sin
Lord Nanna, o hero of the gods
Lord Nanna, the gate of sin…
Ave Satan, Ave Lucifer, Ave Satan, Alla Xul
Ave Satan, Ave Lucifer, Ave Satan, Gigim Xul
Sleep, sleep, sleep
Sleep my friend, sleep
Descent down to the dream
What is this life here?
What is this light here?
Is this fire in my mind?
Is this fire in my mind?
To draw down the moon
To draw down the moon
The night of dream
The night of dark
Come, come gate
Come, come gate