Перевод песни Ludacris – Call Up The Homies

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I just touched down in killa Cali, strapped up my boots
Got scooped up by Game so I hopped up in the Coupe
(Ahh, whattup nigga?) What the hell is goin on?
I’m tryin to ease back and get my head in the zone
(Then where the fuck you tryin to go?) Nigga this yo' city
Anywhere, I’m just tryin to see some ass and titties
So fool mash the gas, the night is young
All bullshit aside I’m tryin to have some fun
Hit the hop in Lakewood, or ride down Slauson
Or the casino, they say it’s just like Compton (ha ha)
Really doesn’t matter, long as shots don’t rang out
(Nigga I stay strapped, I don’t wanna pull the thang out)
Well keep the heat heat right up under the seat
And let’s roll to Roscoe’s and grab somethin to eat
But check your rearview mirror, I swear somebody’s followin
Rollin in that dark blue SS Impala and
All up on the bumper, man I’m just sayin
Tell me you know this nigga (nah, they better stop playin)
He sped up around and drove right in front of us
Could be one-time just tryin to bust one of us
'Til he smashed the brakes and we almost hit him
Throwin signs out the window like somethin was wrong wit him
Before we jump out and get ready to clown
(Nigga call up the homies, it’s about to go down)
+ (The Game)
Keep one eye open cause the streets don’t sleep
(If the streets get hungry then the streets gon' eat)
That’s why I keep some heat and a couple of rounds, nigga
(Call up the homies, it’s about to go down)
Call up the homies, it’s about to go down?
(Yeah, call up the homies, it’s about to go down)
Yeah that’s why I keep some heat and a couple of rounds
Nigga call up the homies, it’s about to go DOWN
+ (Ludacris)
Somebody tell Luda I’m on the way now (aight)
Just stepped one size 12 Air Force 1 in the A-Town (ha ha ha)
And you know where I’m headed
To the Lennox Mall to get it done head to toe NWA style (do it)
Keep it gangsta from the waist down
And this chrome trey-pound got me feelin Atlanta +Brave+ now (right)
Disturbin' Tha Peace, I’ll let the lead spray
I’m startin to love this place, they even got Red Clay (okay)
Hit a different strip club e’ry day (yeah)
And I don’t make it rain, it’s a hurricane on the way (ha ha ha)
And I got the A-Town pump
It’ll make your whole body do the A-Town stomp (woo!)
Then it’s off to the Waffle House
And pancake mix ain’t the only thing comin out her mouth
And her 42 D’s comin out her blouse
Her baby daddy comin in (Game, get out the house, and)
Yeah, I’m in a real-life movie, so this is take three
When Luda step foot out in Phoenix, A-Z
Superbowl super hoes, rappers on stroll
So I put the call in to Willy Northpole
+ (Ludacris)
Woo, big homie I got ya, stick to you like a cactus
Welcome to the Bird City, Chris, take off your jacket
I know you kinda used to big booties in the club
But ain’t nothin wrong to have a lil' sauce in your blood
I see a couple thugs with some bitch tendencies
My town, but I still got Phoenix enemies (yup)
Haters wanna stop 'em and I really wanna pop 'em
But it’s hard to fight back when you got an album droppin (connects)
We in South Phoenix, niggas Africa bang
Matter fact, Chris, tuck in your Africa chain (what?)
Cause I see some niggas starin at us with a lame frown
I’mma call up the homies (it's about to go DOWN)
+ (Willy Northpole)