Перевод песни Pentangle – So Clear

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It was in the rainy season, waiting for the train
Leaving in the afternoon, all on your own again
Do you really understand it, can you tell me why it is this way?
Sad lady, and her portmanteau, with no words left to say
Saving that its only something that can happen any day
Toulouse circus rider, turn on your childish grin
Shine on through the long black night, go ride the dawn again
Your eyes are stars that sweetly twinkle, aureole around your head of flame
Sad story that you cannot tell, where no one is to blame
And anyhow its only something sure to come down with the rain
Would I could hear, your song so clear, the words could touch the air
And catch the moon’s reflection in the colour of her hair
To ease this ache of loneliness and blind the fish’s stare
Even now I do remember one thing more that is not told
Just a slightly twisted crystal heart to keep you from the cold
All up the coast, along the highway, nobody there will know your name
So strange how things should work out now, yet still remain the same
And even so you know there’s nothing that can ever really change…