Перевод песни André Rieu – The White Horse Inn

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
My heart is broken, but what care I? Such pride inside me has spoken
I shall do my best not to cry, by and by
When the final farewells must be spoken
I’ll join the legion, that’s what I’ll do, and in some far distant region
Where human hearts are staunch and true; I shall start my life anew
Goodbye, it’s time I sought a foreign clime
Where I may find there are hearts more kind than I leave behind
And so I go to fight the savage foe
Although I know that I’ll be sometimes missed by the girls I’ve kissed
In some Abyssinian, French dominion I shall do my bit
And fall for the flag if I must
Where the desert sand is nice and sandy, I 'll be full of grit
You won’t see my heels for the dust
I’ll do or die, you’ll know the reason why when told
Of bold Leopold’s last stands for the fatherland
Goodbye. Goodbye. I wish you all a last «Goodbye»
Goodbye. Goodbye. I wish you all a last «Goodbye»