Перевод песни Kiuas – The Wanderer's Lamentation

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I walk on the burning sands
I walk in the freezing cold
I walk from the verdant woods
To desolate rocks and stone
Air it speaks to me
Ground keeps me company
Carrying me on my journey
They call me the Wanderer
I seek the truth
I read between the lies
They call me the Wanderer
I wonder am I doomed
To seek but never find
Songs — give me powers to cross the seas
To reach the divine frontiers
My feet are numb
I’m blinded by the burning sun
Hear — I will not abandon this now
I can still prove myself somehow
Restore my strength
And I’ll go to the ends of the earth
I long to wander free
Throughout, across, within
I hurry patiently
I move with no movement at all
When the way ahead looks narrow
Let me flow through like a stream
When a wall stands in my way
Let It crumble right away