Перевод песни The Isley Brothers – That's The Way Love Is

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As the bitter tears fall from your eyes
Oh, a thousand times you ask yourself why
The one guy you loved has departed
And you’re left alone and brokenhearted
Girl, love just comes and it goes
How long it’s gonna last, nobody knows
Girl, that’s the way love is, baby
(That's the way love is, That’s the way love is)
I know you’re walkin' down a lonesome road
And your heart is carryin' a heavy load
I know you feel like you ain’t got a friend
Oh, and your whole world’s cavin' in
But now, it’s time to be strong
You’ve gotta forget him now that’s he’s gone
And just remember, that’s the way, love is (that's the way love is)
Love can be a hurting thing
Or it can be warm as warm as a breath of spring
When love is present everything’s alright
But when it’s gone, you toss and turn all night
Now, listen girl
Oh, I know love gets rough sometimes
But don’t let it get the best of you
Girl, I’ve been hurt by love, yeah, yes I have
So I know just what you’re goin' through
Oh, you wish that you were never born
Oh You’ll forget him one that he’s gone
And just remember
That’s the way love is
That’s the way (That's the way love is)
Oh, that’s the way love is, honey
(That's the way love is)
Love is here today and gone tomorrow
All your joy turns to sorrow
One day gladness — the next day sadness
That’s the way love is
That’s the way love is