Перевод песни The Supremes – How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone

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I have a babe that was standing at the station
Waiting for a train
I ran to the door with my heart in my hand (heart in my hand)
And all my future plans (future plans)
I’ve gotta catch him if I can
Is that express, Mr. Station-Man?
I woke up this morning with a smile on my face
Feeling that the world, the world was a beautiful place
On a scrap of paper
Was the train-arriving information
His room was empty and his closet’s bare (closet's bare)
And not a single shirt was hanging there (hanging there)
How could the guy just up and leave me?
What did I do that was so displeasing?
Only yesterday, he held me tight
He told me everything, everything’s gonna be alright
Oh, he said he loved me and he cried
Oh yeah, he said he loved me and he cried
Oh yes, he did now
There must be an explanation
Come on and move out the station
Can’t ya see that he’s taking my world
And making me a sad, sad girl?
That’s why I can’t let go
That’s why I gotta know