Перевод песни Mickey Katz – Borscht Riders In The Sky

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...horse neigh... zeitung...
went out to lunch
beyond the poily gates, he went into a vegetarian restaurant called Nates...
with his horse...
give me a plate of borscht
yippe ho ho yippee ver stinko
de borscht riders in the sky
the cowboys was for a glove
i want some sour cream
came up to brooklyn...
yippe hoo ho
yippee vor stinko
borscht riders in de sky
bought some for his horse
he shot it into rushy with a hypo of course
sour cream flow...
...right into pimlico
horses lined up one by one as the reached the barrier, someone shot a pistol
and they ran to the yachel there...
horse race noises...
thoid place is happy hilton
c'mon ghost rider
sit shiva by the barrier, give a grepse
on his way
fell down
yippee ho ho
win place and show
de borscht riders in de sky