Перевод песни Q-Tip – Dance On Glass

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The people at the label say they want something to repeat
But all my people really want something for the streets
So keep hooking (Hey ya’ll what’s goin on?)
So keep hooking (It's time yo word is bond)
So keep hooking (Let's do what we must do)
So keep hooking (Ah, ah, ah, let’s hear it for)
Keep, keep
Who can make it up? Dark ages here in rap
And the constant conversation has been let’s bring it back
Corny rap style niggas, they lack the pedigree
Deep waters they be in when they are just the manatee
Who, me? I am unaffected the Whale, the Hammerhead
The magnanimous decision, unanimous, I am fed
What you looking at? Wait, I can help you with that
The formidable, unforgettable painting Abstract
On the wall amongst them all from Warhol to Jean-Michel
A commodity, hot property, here’s the morning bell
Guantanamo Bay and niggas deferring routes
Your soliloquies are trash, inferring that you got clout
But homie, what’s that about? You should revisit your scheme
Before the schemin' seems real, reverts back to a dream
Into that pea head of yours, you ain’t commanding no tours
You seeing fee and per diem, we seeing that in the door
Plus a little bit more because she choosing the prettiest
The wiliest, wittiest, on the low, we the grittiest
Taking the task, these barbaric insurgents
Who nursery-rhyme niggas and play like they are crime figures
Man, what could give you such a naive belief?
There’s examples all around of careers being brief
The Luke Cage of the loose leaf page, run and hide
Comin out in the yard, bona fide to be hard
So keep hooking
Keep hooking
Keep hooking
Keep hooking, keep, keep
So keep hooking
Keep hooking
Keep hooking
Keep hooking, keep, keep
As if we reading pressures higher, we should all be that inspired
Too just lift it and take it higher, peep the name that’s on the flyer
The Midnight Marauder, low end theoretical
Ring tone rappers rockin shades are forgettable
Phantom of the rapper (Boo!) Yo, you Puss in Boots
Energies electricute, looking for a love recruit
High definition for the fortunate you to view
Challenges with riches we will put you on strict review
Time to turn the tide around, comin with the tribal sound
Brandishing these microphones, we outlaws in the town
Corruption in the fool pit, we witness the jam
Acquisition of materials the evil of man
Trickles down to MCs, we combat the disease
With the good and hardy measurement, a real rap sediment
Degenerate genes and your bodies the host
You need to open up wide while we give you the douse
Gather round
Gather round
Gather round
It’s the hottest thing
Gather round
Gather round
Gather round
It’s the hottest thing