Перевод песни Molly Johnson – It Ain't Necessarily So

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It ain’t necessarily so It ain’t necessarily so The things that yo' liable to read in the Bible
It ain’t necessarily so Li’l David was small but oh my Li’l David was small but oh my He fought big Goliath who lay down and die-eth
Li’l David was small but oh my Oh Jonah he lived in a whale
Oh Jonah he lived in a whale
For he made his home in dat fish’s abdomen
Oh Jonah he lived in a whale
Li’l Moses was found in a stream
Li’l Moses was found in a stream
He floated on water 'til ole Pharaoh’s daughter
She fished him she says from that stream
It ain’t necessarily so Ain’t necessarily so!
Dey tell all you chillun that debble’s a villain
But ain’t necessarily so Methus’lah lived nine hundred years
Methus’lah lived nine hundred years
But who calls dat livin' when no gal’ll give in To no man whose nine hundred years
It ain’t necessarily so It ain’t necessarily so