Перевод песни Molly Johnson – Lucky

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Feels sometimes like I’m just getting over
Then I lose my grip on my four leaf clover
And I catch a heel on a cobblestone
Feel a million miles away from home
But I’m loved. So Loved
Ain’t nobody gonna take me down
When I catch my breath I’ll own this town
I wish everyone was as Lucky as I am
Walking in the rain
With my new stripped umbrella
Got my new boots on
Arm and Arm with my Fella
Don’t need a lucky rabbits foot
Dyed a pretty pink
You’ll always be here with me no matter swim or sink
Cause I’m loved. Loved
Sunny skies are up ahead
I got Pots of Gold just round the bend
I wish everyone was as Lucky. As I Am
Worries — Sure I Got 'Em
Somedays — Life is rotten but there’s
No way — I hit the bottom
I see my baby smile
And I feel Lucky (Yes I Do!)
Horseshoes — well, you can have 'em
Leprechauns just get in the way of the garden
You can cross my fingers
Cross my toes
Cross my heart there’s nothin' close
When you’re loved
When you’re loved
Leave it as a mystery
'cause you know I’m charmed as charmed can be
I wish everyone was Lucky
I wish everyone was Lucky
I wish the whole wide world was Lucky. As I am