Перевод песни Billy Currington – EVERY REASON NOT TO GO - ALBUM VERSION

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Every reason not to go
I don't think you'll like it I hear that city's cold
And the people are much warmer
Two good reasons not to go You fight traffic all day long
Then you got to pay to park
You have to go around locking all your doors there after dark
Don't know why you feel you got to go somewhere
Have you ever thought about just saying here
If you let me I can give you don't you know
Every reason not to go Their football team is lousy
No matter what they do You can bet come Sunday they'll find a way to lose
You'll hate the way the smoke and the buildings block the sky
Got the prices jacked so high takes a million to get by There must be something in this town
You'd be missing if you move
Cause I know if you weren't around I'd be missing you