Перевод песни Soulja Boy – Eazy

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Easy, a fresh young rapper named Beezy
Soulja Boy tell 'em, make this ish look easy
Easy, I do this for a livin man believe me Soulja Boy tell em make this ish look…
Easy, man I broke the cold I’m in ice mode
Game face on with my chain sittin on light mode
Got a lotta gwalla came from stayin on a paper chase
Shout out to my potnah hold it down movin major weight
Every city, every state, Soulja Boy is known
I’m just eighteen now, and I’m already grown
And I put my team on, S.O.D. sittin right
And this is my theme song and I’m rippin this beat right
Rippin this beat tight, is the crowd stimulated?
I make it look easy, you make it look complicated
My name is S-Beezy a/k/a the heavyweighter
Now go 'head I’ll see you later now go 'head and shoot your lay up Catch me on the rebound, three pounds, we found
In the studio maybe trick sound
Soulja Boy tell 'em yeah we clown, still on top
Two years later still playin X-Box
(Piece of cake~!)
Gwap holder hollerin out I’m the man
Folk star face Beezy, Soulja Boy Pacino
Soulja Boy Mandingo, when I’m wit’cha girl
all alone in the +Casino+, I’ll show just how WE roll
One day in my life’ll get your mind right
One day in my life’ll get your grind tight
I’m tryin to tell 'em but they don’t wanna believe me
I’m Soulja Boy tell 'em, I’m makin this ish look easy
Easy, easy