Перевод песни Ida Jenshus – Million Ways

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Life is like a story
Where days are pages in a book
Down in dirt or glory
It all depends on what you gave and took
Some are blessed with love and money
Other are not blessed at all
Among a million people
There’s a million different ways
To stay or fall
Talk can lead to war games
Where words are bullets in a gun
Power is the big name
Burning like the hot beams from the sun
Friends, take care of what you’re saying
Be sure of what you like to hear
Remember it when you are praying
Ask for anything but make it clear
The past is a recording
Just like the songs on this disk
The past is always greedy
Listen if you dare to take the risk
You’ll find songs of love and hate
And songs that make you smile or crack
Among a million people
There’s a million different ways
Of looking back
Words can have you jump or go flying
Words can knock you to the floor
There are as many sentences
As reasons why we go to war