Перевод песни Ida Jenshus – Star Of The Show

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I’ve got pink, newly polished nails
And a purple bag to brighten up my colors
I’ve got a show that starts on Friday
Now I’ll be playing every Saturday
It might seem like I know where I stand
I’ve got a boss that tells me what to sing
I’ve got a crowd that wants me
To give them everything
So now I’m your tiny dancer
But this stage is not the answer
'Cause I need that kind of music
That makes me come alive
In a few days I might be the star of a show
In feathers and heels
Dancing through the night
But all I really want
Is a brand new guitar
And a stage to sing my own songs
Now I’m ready to pack my bags and leave
I’m no longer innocent and sweet sixteen
And I know where I belong
It’s not here, it’s not your song
It’s where I can find some peace
With what I do
In a few days I won’t be part of this show
No feathers and heels
Dancing through the night
I’m gonna leave and buy myself a brand new guitar
And find a stage to sing my own songs