Перевод песни Walter Beasley – Lil Touch Of Jazz

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She’s so independent
That girl don’t need nobody else
She’s looking for a love of her own
Right now she’ll take care of herself
Don’t walk too fast
Don’t talk too loud
Don’t let no one stand in her way
And when evenin' time is near
She’s the kind who likes to hear
Music put some atmosphere
After workin' hard all day
I tell you
She don’t like the music too fast
She likes it simple, sweet and funky with a little touch of jazz
She don’t like the beat too hard
She likes some mellow kind of rhythm
With the real sweet jazz there on
There’s no doubt about it
With her you"ll never be alone
She’s offer you the best of love
And turn your house into a home
Well… and in the morning
She’ll pick her music
She loves the sound of saxophone
Though sometimes she likes to dance
She prefers her sweet romance
So go on and take a chance
And put on her favourite song
My baby listens to the melody
And likes the rhythm section of her song
You can ask her for her love
Even for the stars above
But don’t ever ask the girl to turn her music off