Перевод песни Herman Düne – My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks

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My baby’s scared of the dark
She says the night is full of monsters
But when I press my body against hers
I kiss her goodnight and I count to four
My baby’s not scared of the dark any more
My baby’s afraid of fire
She see’s visions of flames and intensities*
But when I call her name it makes her heart beat
She see’s waves of water break’in onto the shore
My baby doesn’t fear no fire, no more
My baby’s scared of thunder
She hates it when there are storms at night
But when I hold her in my arms real tight
She goes back to sleep and starts to snore
My baby’s not scared of thunder anymore
And then she’s like David**, Come here!
And stay with me, for a minute
Take away my fear and take me where it is quite!
David, Come here… and sing something easy
Whisper it in my ear, make my place a safe place
And my baby she’s scared of strangers
Because once she was hit with a baseball bat
But when i’m with her in her flat
She doesn’t even bother putting a lock on the door
My baby’s not scared of strangers anymore
And my baby, she doesn’t like cars
Because she thinks they’re a nuisance in this town
But when I drive her around
She doesn’t mind riding shotgun
My baby thinks that driving… it's fun!
And my baby she’s afraid of sharks
She always thinks she saw a fin
But when I tell her It’s a dolphin!
She comes back swimming faster then an alligator!
My baby’s not afraid of sharks anymore