Перевод песни Joe Cocker – Don't Give Up on Me

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If I fall short
If I don’t make the grade
If you’re expectations aren’t met in me today
There’s always tomorrow, or tomorrow night
Hang in there, baby
Sooner or later I know I’ll get it right
Please don’t give up on me
Oh please don’t give up on me
I know It’s late, late in the game
But my feelings, my true feelings haven’t changed
Here in my heart I know, I know I was wrong, wrong, wrong
I’d like to make amends for the love that I’ve never ever, ever, ever shown
Just don’t give up on me, every word is true
I’ll give you my everything, all of my love,
All of my love, all of my love, love, love, love, love to you
Just don’t give up on me,
oh please, please, please don’t give up on me
I don’t want you to I know It’s late
But wait please, please, please, please, please
Don’t give up on me
Promise, will you promise me,
Will you promise me Please don’t give up on me
We can make it if we try
I’m going to hold on, hold on with me And don’t give up on me
Oh baby, oh baby, please don’t give up on me
Whatever you do we’ll make it though
Don’t you give up on me,
Please, please, please promise me,
Don’t give up on me