Перевод песни Kaiser Chiefs – Can't Say What I Mean

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Nothing I say’s so important
That it can’t be shortened to fit on a badge
I wish that I could be contrite
And deliver her sound bites, but here is the catch
Everybody applauds her
From the lord to the hoards and a nation is swept
By her one to one conversations
In adult education I would tell her except
Can’t say you’re unattractive
But I’m out of practice at this sort of thing
It’s not like I’m talking Italian
Or I wear a medallion and a sovereign ring
Great things can be expressed
In fifteen words or less and pinned onto your heart
Words just don’t do it justice
The world and its crust is still drifting apart
Can’t say what I mean
Do you know when you go I get all tongue-tied
I’m the same all again back when you arrive
What a face
What a face
Can you blame me for pulling a face?
What a waste
What a face