Перевод песни Kim Herold – Love In A Bottle

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Monday morning I woke up
I wasn’t going to get up
So I sat down on the floor
Packed my suitcase full of fruits and booze
Put on my new shoes and walked out the door
I call a yellow cab to come and pick me up
And take me to the airport
I think I forgot to eat and to brush my teeth
But I have my passport
Girl, here comes trouble
Love love love love love love in a bottle
So girl, are you ready?
For love, hate, heartbreak and kissing in the Big Apple
This is the longest hour then plane and have shower
And I feel pretty bad
Watching a Clooney-dvd wish my girl would be happy
I would hate to see her sad
Far away from my home «the captain’s on the speakerphone»
Telling we’re about to land
And here comes the turbulence
I’m about to lose my sense
This didn’t go as planned
I’m waiting at the baggage claim
My legs are feeling kind of lame
Everybody looks the same
My girl she is always late
I think she loves to make me wait
But still she is my soul mate